Monday, February 24, 2014


1- Cool Costumes that they used in a huge parade here in Puno (search google for: Fiesta de la Candelaria Puno)
2- Elder Harmon. This is in our house

A Great Week of Missionary Work

Wow, This week was great!! I will just share one story.

On Friday we had a terrible day (returned missionaries will understand. One of those days when EVERY set appointment falls through). We were in the last 1/2 hour of work, and my companion wanted to just go to dinner and give up for the day. I told him that we should do something... even if it is just knocking on a door. So we thought, and decided to visit a Less-Active family. We visited them and shared a small message with them, and then asked them to think of somebody to invite to meet with us. We told them that we would come back the next day (Saturday), and go visit the reference with them.

On Saturday, we went back and Sister Rosa said: "Oh no Elders, I didn`t talk to anybody.... oh wait, come in. my cousin is here." We entered the house, and started talking to them. We gave her sick baby a blessing, and taught her about priesthood power. She then promised us that she would come to church the next day (Sunday) and that she would like to hear more of the message. We gave her a pamphlet of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday: Vilma (the cousin of Rosa) came to church!!!! We went to the house again at night, and she asked us an incredible question. she asked: "Elders, How long would I have to prepare to be able to be baptized in the church?" SHE IS SO PREPARED!!! She needs to get married, but next week we are going to talk to her husband. Hopefully we will have a wedding and some baptisms soon.

I am so thankful for the people that are prepared to receive the gospel. God really is preparing people all around us. Share the Gospel!!

Elder Jacob M. Harmon
Misión Perú Cusco
Av. La Cultura 2417
En Frente la Urb. Santa Ursula
La Capilla Mormona
Cusco, Perú

Monday, February 17, 2014

My new Sector- Huayna Capac Puno

Well, I am now in Puno. I am in the Actual City, so that is nice. I am in a Ward!! YAY! We have a chapel, a bishop, a mission leader, and everything! I am excited for that. My Companion is Elder Castro. He is pretty cool. He is from Ecuador.

Puno is SUPER Cold! I am at 3,830 m (12,556 ft) above sea level. Almost double where I was in Wyoming 6,804 ft (2,074 m). It is also super pretty with the lake.

My companion and a family here in the ward played a funny trick on me my second day here. We went to the house and knocked on the door, and my companion asked for Dixie. She came to the door, and started yelling at us. She started saying things like: "Never come back here again," or "We could care less about you Mormons..." I kept my cool and started to talk to her a little about what we shared as missionaries, and an old lady inside the house yelled: "Dixie, let the young men in... it’s raining outside." I didn´t really want to go in because she had been so rude, but we got into the house, and started to talk. The old lady then pulled out a bottle of Champaign and offered it to us. I politely refused. But she insisted. She told me that If I didn´t drink it I would offend here a lot (Champaign is more expensive. It is quite common that people offer us Beer). I politely refused again, and explained to her that in the church we don´t drink anything that contains alcohol. She insisted again and poured me a glass. I put the glass on the table and turned to my companion. I was ready to leave. She had also poured a glass for my companion, and when I turned to him he looked at me, then at the glass, then at me again, and started to drink!! I was angry!! Then everyone started to laugh.

Turns out, the "Champaign" was really lemonade, and this family is one of the strongest families here in Huayna Capac. It was actually really funny.

Here in Peru (maybe in all of Latin America... I don´t know) they have a tradition of breaking eggs over the heads of people who have a birthday. Well, I got a few eggs broken over my head. That was fun.

All is well here. Have a great Week!

Photos: 1: Cool map of Lake Titikaka
2-3: First view of Puno and Lake Titikaka through the bus window
4-8: Cruel "Champaign" trick
9-10: Puno and Lake Titikaka
11-17: Birthday eggs
18-20: Awesome sunset
21: an awesome family here.

Elder Jacob M. Harmon
Misión Perú Cusco
Av. La Cultura 2417
En Frente la Urb. Santa Ursula
La Capilla Mormona
Cusco, Perú

Monday, February 10, 2014

Changes... Sad and Happy

Well, I just found out that I am going to be transferred to Puno. My new proseliding area will be Huaynacapac and my new companion will be Elder Castro (I don`t know him...yet). I will be traveling tomorrow. In the morning I think. We will see what happens. 

I am super sad to leave Izcuchaca. mostly because I don`t want to leave all of the members and investigators. But we will see. I`m sure that I will love Puno just as much as I love Izcuchaca.

It will be an adventure. That is for sure.

Elder Jacob M. Harmon
Misión Perú Cusco
Av. La Cultura 2417
En Frente la Urb. Santa Ursula
La Capilla Mormona
Cusco, Perú

Monday, February 3, 2014

God Makes Weak Things Become Strong

Family and Friends,

Lately, I´ve been studying Ether 12:27.

27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

This Is one of my Favorite scriptures!! I would like to teach you a few things that I´ve learned about it. 

And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I LOVE this part! Something that I have learned is that the more we strive to come unto Christ, and the more we strive to put off the natural man the more weaknesses we seem to see. This isn´t a curse, but a blessing. It is amazing!!! If we can´t recognize weaknesses we can never get better!!!

I love the story that is found in Alma 48&49. In Chapter 48 We learn that Moroni Strengthens the Cities.
Alma 48
7...Moroni, on the other hand, had been apreparing the minds of the people to be faithful unto the Lord their God.
 8 Yea, he had been strengthening the armies of the Nephites, and erecting small forts, or places of resort; throwing up banks of earth round about to enclose his armies, and also building walls of stone to encircle them about, round about their cities and the borders of their lands; yea, all round about the land.
 9 And in their weakest fortifications he did place the greater number of men; and thus he did fortify and strengthen the land which was possessed by the Nephites.
 10 And thus he was preparing to support their liberty, their lands, their wives, and their children, and their peace, and that they might live unto the Lord their God, and that they might maintain that which was called by their enemies the cause of Christians.

The Lamanites then come to battle against the Nephites, and it is interesting that the attack the weakest Cities first (Satan attacks our weaknesses).

Alma 49
6 Now the leaders of the Lamanites had supposed, because of the greatness of their numbers, yea, they supposed that they should be privileged to come upon them as they had hitherto done (Satan will attack us in things that we´ve fallen in before)
 8 But behold, to their uttermost astonishment, they
(The Nephites) were prepared for them, in a manner which never had been known among the children of Lehi. Now they were prepared for the Lamanites, to battle after the manner of the instructions of Moroni.
Now here´s the interesting part:

 14 But behold, to their astonishment, the city of Noah, which had hitherto been a weak place, had now, by the means of Moroni, become strong, yea, even to exceed the strength of the city Ammonihah.

And thanks to the strength of the city:

23 Thus the Nephites had all power over their enemies; and thus the Lamanites did attempt to destroy the Nephites until their chief captains were all slain; yea, and more than a thousand of the Lamanites were slain; while, on the other hand, there was not a single soul of the Nephites which was slain.

This shows the great things that can happen to somebody that has weak things become strong unto them. Well, It is really hard to explain through email, but I really have come to love these scriptures. If you want another scriptural example take a look at Enoch. 

In Moses 6: 31-32 we see his weakness. To see how the lord made him strong, take a look at Moses 7:13.

Well, I love you All!!

Elder Jacob M. Harmon
Misión Perú Cusco
Av. La Cultura 2417
En Frente la Urb. Santa Ursula
La Capilla Mormona
Cusco, Perú