Monday, September 22, 2014

The Gospel Blesses Families.

As Missionaries, we often teach the principle: The Gospel Blesses Families. But I feel that often we don´t realize how true it is. 

This week we went to teach Robert and Abigail. We brought The Family: A Proclamation to the World, and read it with them. During the lesson they told us their story, and I was impressed with how much the Gospel really blesses families. Basically their entire life has changed because of the Gospel. Robert used to smoke and drink, and beat his wife and children (when he was drunk). Abigail hated Robert and ran away from him and came to Puerto Maldonado (before they lived in Lima). While here, she met the missionaries and learned about the Gospel.  Her son, Kelvin, and her were baptized. Her hate and bitterness toward Robert started to disappear, and she started thinking more about him. She had two decisions: Forget about Robert and keep going, hoping that one day someone would come and be the father of her kids, or try to get back with Robert and fix their problems. She said that she prayed for like 3 months, and she felt that she needed to put herself in contact with Robert. She did.

Robert had been feeling the need to put himself in contact with his family when Abigail called. He worked for a few weeks and came out to Puerto Maldonado. As soon as he got there, the first thing that Abigail did was present the missionaries to Robert. Now, this family is one of the most amazing families I´ve ever met. Robert doesn´t smoke or drink, and there is a lot of love and happiness in the home. I love this family so much, and I know that the Gospel has changed their lives for ever. The Gospel really does bless families! I know it does.

Danny was baptized this week!!! He was so excited! He is going to be a great member, and in about a year, he will be a great missionary. 

I love this Gospel so much!! 

Elder Jacob M. Harmon
Misión Perú Cusco
Av. La Cultura 2417
En Frente la Urb. Santa Ursula
La Capilla Mormona
Cusco, Perú

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