Monday, January 6, 2014

What a time we live in!!

Today, I would like to talk a little about the great time that the Church is in. 

The Church is progressing at a very very very rapid rate! so many things have happened in such a short time. Like a stone cut out of the mountain without hands, this work is being hastened! To see just a few of these exciting things that are happening visit the Church`s 2013 year review.

The Mission Perù, Cusco has changed a lot since I`ve been here. We have really started a new focus on Recent Converts, Less-Actives, Investigators and Members. We have changed the way that we work with members, we have changed the way that we work and teach. It is amazing!

Another little thing that is still new for me is that we are starting to work with the people that have already died. We have started a focus on family history work here in Perù. This is VERY new for the people here. Most of them have never even thought of family history before. As Missionaries, it is now part of our work to teach Family History to Investigators, Recent Converts, and Less-Actives. It is FUN! I am learning to love Family History. 

The Church has recently re-designed the familysearch website. If you havn`t played around with it, GO AND DO IT! It is incredible, simple, and fun. 

Anyways, Don`t have a lot of time left, but I just want you all to get excited about what is happening in the Church. It is amazing!

Elder Jacob M. Harmon
Misión Perú Cusco
Av. La Cultura 2417
En Frente la Urb. Santa Ursula
La Capilla Mormona
Cusco, Perú

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