Monday, November 11, 2013

The Work of Salvation

Family and Friends:

Here in the Mission Perú Cusco, we aren´t allowed to say "Missionary Work." We say, "The Work of Salvation." I´m sure that you´ve all heard about the Work of Salvation, but what does is mean? Why? Let me Explain.

The Phrase "Missionary Work" gives the feeling that the missionaries have a work, and the members have another work. But that is not the case. We ALL are part of the "Work of Salvation."

"For behold, this is my  work and my  glory—to bring to pass the  immortality and  eternal life of man."

God´s Work and Glory is... "The Work of Salvation." and now, he is inviting us to join him in his work. How great is that?!!!! We Have been promised that if we bring one soul unto him (Save a soul...Salvation), we will have joy (D&C 18:15-16). So, Lets get to it! Lets get to work!

It is also important to note that the work of Salvation doesn´t only include people who aren´t members. It starts in the Home, our families, then it spreads to every creature (Mosiah 28:3). This also includes people who´ve already died. 

The work of Salvation goes well here in Perú! We are working hard, and having success. 

I love you All!!! 

Elder Jacob Harmon

1&2: Lots of Food!!! :)
3-5: Missionaries! 
6&7: The Plan Of Salvation (Family Night)
8-16: Cuy (Guinea Pig) We eat them here :) Yum!
  • 8- Guinea Pig
  • 9- Sister Elsa Killing a Guinea Pig
  • 10- Guinea Pig
  • 11&12- Three dead Guinea Pigs
  • 13-16- Taking off the hair.

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