Monday, November 18, 2013

BUSY week.

Family and Friends,

Wow, This was a Crazy and busy week. I am just going to talk about a few of the major events that happened.

Baptism of Stefany
I had my first (official) Baptism this week!! I know that is a little confusing, but in Sicuani Percy and Soledad were baptized (see my email from May 27). But the thing is that they weren´t really my investigators. They were Investigators of elder Neff and Elder Calderón. I just happened to teach them a few times. But Stefany was the first investigator that I actually taught from the start. She was a reference from Kevin (a recent convert), and she progressed really fast. She is really converted to the Gospel and has a great testimony. (See Pictures at end of email).

Elder Russell M. Nelson Comes to Cusco
I don´t know how we get so lucky here in Cusco, but Russell M. Nelson came and had a devotional with all of the members in the Stakes of Cusco, Inti-Raymi, and Sicuani. Just like 2 Months ago, Quentin L. Cook Came. Maybe the Apostels just like visiting Machu Picchu, and come for that. I don´t know. There were more than 2,000 members that came. That made me happy, because it shows the faith of the members here in Cusco.

He said a lot of cool things, and I learned a lot. The coolest thing that happened is that he gave his whole talk in English (with a translator), and then to end he said:
"I feel impressed to speak to you in your native tongue."
He then bore his testimony and gave an Apostolic Blessing in PERFECT Spanish. I don´t know if he actually knows Spanish, or if he spake in tongues, but in any way, it was a cool experience. The spirit was super strong. 

Good News!!
I weighed myself today! When I left the MTC, I weighed 111 Kilograms (I won´t tell you how many pounds that is because it is embarrassing). Today, I weighed myself, and I weigh 90 Kilograms. That means that I lost 21 Kilograms or 46 Pounds. I still have a long way to go, but I´m getting better! I will attach a photo from the MTC, and from now so that you can see the difference.

Love you All!!

Elder Jacob M. Harmon
Misión Perú Cusco
Av. La Cultura 2417
En Frente la Urb. Santa Ursula
La Capilla Mormona
Cusco, Perú

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