Monday, October 7, 2013

Come Listen to a Prophet`s Voice

Dear Family and Friends!! 

Wow, This week was incredible! What a great opportunity to listen to latter-day living Prophets and Apostles!

Here in Izcuchaca we put up a projector and watched the conference using internet. The internet was really slow, and we didn´t have the opportunity to watch the first session Saturday because it didn´t work. But we are going to have an activity this week and watch the first session with all the members. 

Of the sessions that I got to watch, I was able to be edified, and I learned a lot!  There were a few themes that I was able to pull from the Conference. They focused a lot on:
  • Missionary Work
  • Service
  • Church Organization (our responsibilities)
  • Strengthening our personal testimonies and conversion
I loved the Goal that Elder Ballard Gave. He said that Every member should give a reference to the missionaries by Christmas. Can you imagine what an impact that would make? There are almost 15 Million Members of the Church!! I don`t know how many are active, but If 10 million gave a reference to the missionaries, and 10% ended up getting baptized, we would have 1 million more members (converts) next year!!! That would be incredible! Do It! Prayerfully think of somebody that could use the Gospel, and give the reference to the local Missionaries. I also recommend listening to Elder Ballard`s talk again.

I love you all so much! I hope you all enjoyed Conference as much as I did.

All my Love,

Elder Harmon

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