Monday, September 2, 2013

My New Sector... Izcuchaca

Hello Family!!!

I am now in my new sector! I am in the Cusco Zone, and the Sector Izcuchaca. I am about an hour outside of cusco. Izcuchaca is a super small village. with very few people. But our sector is very big because we have about 10 villages that we get to travel to. 

The Church is very small here. The sector was only opened three years ago. This means that it is just starting. We don´t even have a branch. We have what is called a Family Group. We don´t have a chapel either. We have a room in a house. This means that the Missionaries are basically in charge of EVERYTHING. It is a great experience. Yesterday about 35 people were in the sacrament meeting. If we can get that number up to 50 or so, and have 10 (or more) Melchizedek Priesthood holders, we will become a Branch!!! That is our goal!

It is a great opportunity to be here where the church is just starting. I am learning a lot. I love the sector too! It is Beautiful! I will have to send some pictures. My Companion, Elder Becerra, is the Best! He is a little fireball, and is ready to work hard. We are already like the best friends ever. He really wants to learn English  so I´m helping him with that :)

Oh, we had the amazing opportunity to be trained by a seventy this week. I don´t know how we are so lucky. But he said that a few weeks ago when he was with Elder Cook, Elder Cook told him something that really surprised him. This is what he said (Not word for word but basicly):

This is the most important time in all of the History of the Church! Everything before has been leading up to this moment.
  1. Worldwide Communication (Satellite, Radio, Internet, etc)
  2. The Building of Temples Worldwide
  3. Worldwide Recognition of the Church (Mitt Romney, The Book of Mormon Musical, etc)
  4. New Youth Programs to Prepare the Youth for Missions
  5. Age change for Missionaries
  6. New Focus on Missionary work
He then said that Elder Cook Said: In the next few years the Church will become more powerful then it has EVER been, and that it will grow at an amazing pace!

What a blessing we have to live in this wonderful time.

I love you all!!

Elder Harmon

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