Monday, September 9, 2013

¡Gracias a Todos! ¡Les Extraño!

For all you English Speakers, that means (Thank you all! I miss you!)

Thanks to everyone that sent me emails this week. I really appreciate it. I love hearing about what is going on in each of your lives. Sorry I can´t always respond to everyone.

I just would like to let everyone know that I love being here in Izcuchaca. It is a great opportunity to see the church in its infancy, and see the potential of what it can become. My companion and I are working very hard, and we have great goals and vision for this place. I´m very excited!

This transfer, Spanish has seemed to click. I find myself speaking in Spanish without having to think. Almost always it is easier to say something in Spanish than it is in English. I can tell that when I come home I will have a very hard time with English :) I love the Spanish Language!

For all of you who didn´t get the chance to see the missionary work broadcast a few months ago, it is now on (it is worth your time):

I love you all!! 

Élder Harmon

1&2: A Restaurant in Cusco that makes really good American Hambergers
3: A Bad sunburn that I had
4: Some Gringos from Utah that stopped us in the street in Cusco
5: My Companion
6: A Spider we found in our bathroom.

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