Monday, July 29, 2013

Las Bendiciones del Evangelio

Family and Friends,

Today I wan´t to talk about the Blessings of the Gospel that We often take for granted living in a place like Utah or Wyoming. Living in Perú, my eyes have been opened to the amazing blessing of the Gospel, and the opportunity that I had to grow up in it. 
  • I have a Mom and Dad that love each other, and both love me. 
To some of you reading this (mainly my brothers who´ve served missions) you will understand that in the World we are living in this is very rare. Here in Perú the average family does NOT have this. The Dad comes home Drunk every night, and Beats the Wife and Children, the Mom works all day long, and to make barely enough money to pay for the food for the family and the Beer for the Father and the kids are running around in the streets with the dogs, because they have nothing better to do. The idea of FAMILY that we have in our home is not something that exists here, and honestly, I think it is the same way outside of the Church in the United States. 
  • We have an automatic circle of Friends
When You are in the Church, you have friends. Wherever you go. And to add more to that, you can be assured that they are real friends. You always have someone that you can talk to, and you always know that you have somewhere to go. 
This week, a member of the Church was traveling, and was robbed here in Sicuani. They took all of his money. This meant that he couldn´t continue on to Arequipa (a City in Perú that is about a 4 hour busride), and that he didn´t have any way to get food. Whats the First thing he Did? He searched for the Mormon Chapel here in Sicuani and talked to the Bishop. He showed the Bishop his Temple Recommend, and was able to get help, and the Ward sent him on to Arequipa. This man was in a town where he knew nobody, but he knew that within the Church he had friends. 
  • Temporal Blessings. 
You don´t have to look further than the 12 Apostles to see that when someone keeps the commandments they are blessed temporally. I have seen that here in Perú. The Members aren´t rich, but they aren´t hurting for food either. Just about every member of our Ward is better off than the Average Peruvian. And that is a blessing from God. 

There are many many many more blessings that come from living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, But These are just a few that I would like to point out. How blessed we are to know the Truth!!! How blessed we are to be a part of this Great Work!

Elder Jacob Harmon

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