Friday, May 3, 2013

I am in Perú!!!


I am in Perú!! I will just tell a long story for this email.

I left the MTC in Provo at 8:00 on Wednesday. My flight to Dallas left at around 12:15. Then from Dallas I came to Perú! The flight was delayed about an hour, so I didn´t get to Perú until about 1:30 in the Morning on Thursday. I somehow was able to make it through getting my bags and everything. But then came the real crazy story. Nobody was waiting for me in Lima. No missionaries, nobody holding a sign that said "Elder Harmon," Nobody. I waited patiently for about a half hour, and then two Americans came up to me to offer assistance. They actually happened to be returned missionaries visiting Perú!!! The Lord really blessed me because I would have been lost without them. They waited with me for like three hours, and helped me obtain a few soles (money) and call the Lima MTC. We talked to "Maria," and she sent someone to come get me. I ended up waiting in the Lima MTC for like 4 and a half hours!!! When I was finally picked up, I drove to a hotel next to the Lima MTC and stayed the night (like 2 hours) there. The next day (Thursday), I spent at the Lima MTC filling out paperwork so that I can get a Peruvian Licence.

Perú Is crazy!!! Everyone drives like Mad-Men, and They stuff buses super super full. I can Actually understand much of what people are saying!!! Lima was a really dirty city, and there was a terrible smog and smell in the air. In Cusco, where I am now, it is much better. The air is clear and the city is absolutely beautiful!! I know that Dad would love it here!! Maybe after my mission, Mom and Dad can take a trip here with me. 

Here, I can only send one email a week. so back and forth conversations must be done through normal mail.

Love you all!
From Cusco!!

Elder Jacob Harmon

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