Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Impressions of Perú

¡Hello Everyone and Greetings from Perú!

I am loving it here!! Right now I am Companions with the Assistants to the President (Elder Green and Elder Corrador). The reason why I´m with them is because I there are no trainers available. Because I was a week late getting to Cusco everything was messed up. This week there are more missionaries coming, so they will shuffle things up and get me with a trainer. 

I love the people here sooooo much!!! They are so nice! Even the random people that we talk to on the streets are super nice. Everywhere we go, people say: "¡Hola Elderes!" Everyone is just amazing! The people here are a lot more humble than the people in the United States, and this brings them much closer to Heavenly Father. Their Faith is just absolutely incredible. Even the non-members have more Faith than I think that I´ve had most of my life. We were teaching an old lady named Ann, and we asked her what she thought about God, and what her relationship was like with him. She then proceeded to talk for like 20 minutes (no joke) about how much God has blessed her in her life. She is a non-member!!! but she is so prepared for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the things that she said that hit me super hard was, "God has given me so much! How could I ever ask for more! I have everything that I need, and Everything that I´ve ever wanted!" She said this sitting in a house that I probably would´ve refused to go in before the mission. She was such a wonderful Lady!!

Our Pensionista Is incredible! For those of you who don´t know what a Pensionista is, she is kind of the Mother for the Elders of the area. She cooks breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for us, and washes our cloths. She is the wife of the Local Stake President, and their family is amazing. 

The food here is really good. I haven´t had anything that I didn´t like other than fried bananas. But I´m sure I´ll get used to those. The food is a lot worse coming out than going in though. We eat a lot of rice and meat. We also eat a lot of potatoes. We drink Inca Cola (an awesome bubble gum tasting soda), Chicha Morada (a Purple Corn Drink), and Juice (orange, mango, peach...). The juice here is way better than in the states, because it is FRESH!! It is really good. 

Before coming to Perú I was worried about bugs, but I am not worried at all any more. There are less bugs here than in Wyoming!! Although, If I go to the rain forest part of the mission that will be different. It is actually pretty cold here. I was surprised. Everyone told me that Cusco was cold, but I didn´t believe them. At night it can get quite chilly. 

Well, I love Perú a whole lot!!! 

If anyone has questions, email me and I will answer them in the email next Monday.

Love you All!!

Elder Harmon 

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