Thursday, April 4, 2013

Eventful Week.

Wow, it has been an eventful week. I will see if I can get through it all.
First of all, the email rule has been changed, and we can now email for an hour every week!!! This means, that if more people want to send me emails, I should have time to read and reply to almost everyone.
The learning curve has slown down. The first week I felt like I learned Spanish so fast, and that everything went fast, but the last two weeks have been slow progress, but progress none the less. I asked one of my teachers, Hermano Lund, what I can do to keep learning fast, and he said:

"You probably learned so quickly the first few days because of the quick Emerson into Spanish. But now that we are learning smaller grammer rules, you are going to have to push yourself.

I am trying to push myself. I am trying super hard to HSI (habla su idioma [speak your language]) constantly. My companion and I try to ONLY speak Spanish to each other. When we do, it is great, but sometimes we forget, and feel really bad afterward.
Both of my teachers are super amazing. I know that I have said this in like every email, but I really think that our teachers were chosen by inspiration. Both Hermano Stodard and Hermano Lund know exactly what to say to keep us going hard and learning to the best of our ability. They are great!!! Yesterday, Hermano Stodard talked about spiritual gifts (found in Moroni 10 and D&C 46). He talked specifically about the Gift of Tongues and the Gift of Charity. He said that as missionaries, we NEED both of these gifts. He talked about the requirements that we need to do before we can recieve spiritual gifts:
  1. Be aware of the Gift
  2. Have need of the Gift
  3. Be worthy of the Gift
  4. Ask for the Gift
Recieve Gift
     5.  Use the gift to bless and serve others
He talked about what we can do to be worthy of the Gift of Tongues and Charity. He said that some of those things are working as hard as possible, HSI, Striving to love others, and many more. I have been thinking a lot lately about the people in Peru, and how much I will come to love them. I am praying for them every night, and know that God is preparing them for the Gospel. Now it is up to me to make sure that I am preparing myself to teach them.
I don't know who it was who spoke on Tuesday, but he talked about some great things. He quoted President Kimball saying that the most important work that we will ever do is in the home. He then posed the question: "If the most important work is in the home, then why are you here??" He then talked about how Nephi went back to get the plates BEFORE he went and got a wife. He said that our missions will prepare us for the rest of our life's, and that we will develop a better relationship with God here than anywhere else. He then challenged us to create a list of the qualities that we want the missionary that gets off the plane in two years to have. I am glad that he challenged us to do this, I now have a great goal of who I want to be in 2 years.
I got an ingrown tonail this week. On Wednesday, I got to leave the MTC campus (YAY!!) and go and get it taken care of at the doctor. It was kind of gross, and it still hurts, but I'm glad this it got taken care of here, and not in Peru.

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