Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cool Experience, Richard G. Scott, and More!

It has been an eventful week. I will try to say everything quickly :).
Cool Experience
Here at the MTC, we teach fake investigators (who are really our teachers). For some reason, we couldn't find any available rooms, so we decided to teach him in the middle of a busy study area. We were teaching "Anjelo" (Hermano Stoddard) the Restoration, and the lesson was going great. Everything was awesome, and the spirit was super strong. Toward the end of the lesson, I felt prompted to ask him to pray with us right then and there to find out if the church, and the Story of Joseph Smith was true. But then, I looked around at all of the people around me and decided against it. We wrapped up the lesson, and invited him to pray on his own. After the closing prayer, and after we said goodbye, Hermano Stoddard came out of Character and Said: "Pausa!!!" (pause)
We then sat back down and Hermano Stoddard said: "That was the BEST lesson you two have ever given, and perhaps one of the best practices I've ever had as a teacher. It was like I was at a spiritual Subway, and you were piling all of these wonderful spiritual things on my sandwich, and then right when you were about to hand me my sandwich....... You Threw It On the Floor!!!!!!! Why didn't you ask Anjelo to pray with you???"
We then talked to Hermano Stoddard about following the Spirit NO MATTER WHAT!! I learned how important it is to listen to the spirit. I am glad that I had this experience in the MTC, and not in the field!!
Elder Richard G. Scott
Tuesday Devotional this week was Richard G. Scott!!!! He talked about the power of prayer. I thought it was super interesting that he hardly ever said "prayer" in his talk though. Instead, he used the words, "communicate," and "talk" with our heavenly father. Toward the end of his talk, he gave all of the Missionaries an amazing Apostolic Blessing. There were a lot of things in there, but the one that hit me the hardest was: "If you have Faith, Study, and Use your mission language, you will be able to master it."
After his talk was done, we sang the closing hymn, and the Sister who was going to say the closing prayer got up. All of the Sudden, Elder Scott jumps up, asks her to go back and sit down, and goes back to the mic. He then said: "Sorry, I just felt like I needed to say one more thing. The lord did not send you here to fail. He sent you to Succeed."
It was pretty cool to see an Apostle of the Lord, and to feel his spirit. I could tell that he was called of God!

One of the Elders in my District, Elder Mackey, got his visa yesterday, and he left for Peru at 6:00 this morning. It was really sad that he left, because he was an amazing Elder. He was an amazing example to me. It is even more sad, because I won't see him in Cusco because he is going to Lima Central.

After that, the rest of my district went to the Travel office to see what was going to happen to us. They went through a list and one by one told every Elder in my district that the MTC was going to hold them for two more weeks, and send them as Visas come (supposedly we should all get ours in the next two weeks). But then the weirdest thing happened. They got to me and looked at the list, then clarified my name and where I was going. They checked about 3 times and still couldn't find me. Then they told me to come in tomorrow (today) and they would try to figure it out.

I went to the Travel office today, and they still couldn't find me, even in the Computer. I'm not sure Exactly what that means, but the lady told me not to worry, they would figure it out. She told me to just stay here at the MTC with the rest of my district, and that they would let me know if they find anything out. So, I guess I'm here at the MTC for another 2 weeks (hopefully less).

The MTC is Super amazing! I would have never thought that in 5 weeks I could be speaking Spanish like I am. Of course, It is far from perfect, and I have a very limited vocabulary, but I can say just about anything that I want to say. The Gift of Tongues is Real!! It is pretty amazing.

Anyways, I'm loving the work, and enjoying every minute. Elder Cooper is the best Companion that I could ever ask for!!

Don't be afraid to email or write!!

Elder Jacob Harmon

Picture: Elder Mackey (the one who got his Visa) and I

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