Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Character of Christ

Wow, time is moving so fast!! The first few days took forever, and the last two weeks went fast. It is crazy that I have been here this long.
Still no Visa :(. But one Elder in my district received his, and he left yesterday morning at 5 for Peru!!! I hope that I get mine before my six weeks are up, but it is in the lords hands.
This week, I have learned a lot about Christ. The topic keeps coming up, so I feel like I should share it will all of you. As a Missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, We represent Christ. The only other people in the Entire world who's lives are 24/7 devoted to Christ and serving him, and the only other people in the world with the title of "Elder" are the General Authorities. A quote by elder Holland says something like: The only difference between a missionary and me is that I am a "disciple" with a big "D," and they are disciples with a little "d." Reciently I heard a talk by Elder Bednar called "Character of Christ" (you won't find it, he gave it at the MTC and they only show it here). In this talk Elder Bednar talkes about the "Character" of Christ, or the Characteristics of Christ, and talkes about how our ultimate goal in life is to become like him. Right now, I am a servent of Christ. My entire life is devoted to doing what he would be doing if he was on the earth today: Sharing his Gospel. A question I keep asking myself is: What am I doing with Christ's time??
What are we doing with Christ's time?? as members of the church, "we take upon us the name of Christ."
Think about that this week :).
Thanks for everyone who send me letters. They are great to read, and keep me going.
Thanks for Everything,
Elder Harmon

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